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They can be written in a variety of programming languages, including C, C++, and Visual Basic.

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  Now that you've decided to start a network, Here at IT Services we will help you to decide what kind of network best suits your networking needs at IT Services we can provide you with latest network designs to meet your budget whether it be for your Home or Business

Basically, there are two kinds of networks, wired and wireless. The most basic difference is that wired networks communicate through data cables, while wireless networks communicate through radio signals.

Wired networks have been around for decades. By far the most common
wired networking technology found today is known as Ethernet. The data cables, known as Ethernet network cables or Cat 5 cables, connect the computers and other devices that make up the networks.

Wireless networks are relatively new. They don't use cables for connections; instead, they use radio waves, like cordless phones.
Why choose a wireless network?
Freedom—work anywhere
Quick, effortless installation
No cables to buy
Save cabling time and hassle
Easy to expand
Why choose a wired network?
Lower cost
Faster speed up to 1000Mbps
Longer possible range

Wireless networks are rapidly becoming more popular and coming down in price. You can use the devices anywhere in an office or home, even out on the patio. There's no need to roll out an Ethernet network cable to each room of a house; you can network anywhere—without wires. Outside of the home, . For convenience, wireless networking is the answer.

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