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Virus Removal Service ...If you suspect that you may have a virus on your computer and you have virus protection software installed, we suggest you update virus definitions & run a full scan All Files with no exclusions on your hard drive's and network.

How We Can Help ...If you are not sure how to do this, or prefer a professional to check over your system, we offer professional virus removal and protection services. A technician will come to your location, remove the infection, and restore any system files that were damaged by the virus. In addition, we will also offer to update your virus protection to the most current available along with configuring your computer for maximum security.

What we do ...We use the Professional Corporate Virus Cleaning Antivirus Software to scan and remove all currently identified viruses from infected computers. The standard charge for our service ranges from the normal callout charge €85 including first hour and our hourly rate applies their after depending on the level of infection

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